"We want the world to recognize Hendrix College."


Once again, Hendrix is breaking ground, leading the way, and giving all of its students, faculty, and alumni yet another reason to be proud of their College.

What now, you ask? Another impressive new facility like the Wellness and Athletics Center? Another headline-making program like Odyssey?

No — this time, it is (drum roll, please) The Village at Hendrix. More than a single facility, more than a single program, The Village is an entirely new kind of community — designed to be of equal benefit to its residents and to the Hendrix College community — taking shape right next door to our campus.

The Village at Hendrix Phase One Elements
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Hendrix, together with Traditional Neighborhood Development Partners, is creating a vibrant, dynamic, community-centered neighborhood based on a Master Plan by renowned architects Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company. It will be distinguished by traditional architecture, cozy streetscapes, and lots of welcoming public spaces, like a village square — all within easy strolling distance.

Living and learning. The Village will be home not only to families and individuals but also to businesses, shops, and offices. All commercial development will be assessed in terms of its potential to enhance and enrich the experience of Hendrix students and Village residents. Residents of The Village will also benefit from Hendrix’s academic, cultural, and recreational resources.           

Community and camaraderie. The Village, like the Hendrix campus, has been designed to foster a strong sense of community. Think of the most beautiful, coolest urban neighborhood you’ve ever seen (or perhaps been lucky enough to live in!) — then imagine it in safe, friendly Conway.
"The Village will open up a whole new community to students."

The Village is taking shape as we speak and Phase One should be well under way by the 2009-10 academic year. You can find out more about this exciting new venture on our web site at www.hendrix.edu/village/

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